»Writing Sentinel Policy

This section covers how to write Sentinel policies.

It is recommended that you complete the getting started guide prior to reading this section of the documentation. The getting started guide will explain all the basics of writing and testing policies. This section of the documentation will serve as more of a reference guide to all available features of Sentinel.

Sentinel provides a language and workflow for building policy across any system that embeds Sentinel. By learning Sentinel once, you are able to effectively control access to many systems using Sentinel's powerful features.

Sentinel also provides a local CLI for developing and testing Sentinel policies. This CLI can be integrated into a daily developer's workflow along with CI to treat policy as code.

Sentinel uses its own language for writing policies. You can view a language reference as well as the specification for details. You don't have to read those documents immediately, since the language should be easy enough to pick up throughout this section.